What level of support is best for you?


If you are someone that can follow instructions over the phone while we guide you through the troubleshooting steps then we can help you via a phone call, we normally guide you thought the process of setting up a remote log in then once this has been set up we can take over the computer part for you.

If you do struggle with using technology then you will be best to book in a face to face appointment so we can come to you place and get the issues sorted. Most issues at home can be sussed out within the 1 hour booking time allocated. If you are a business needing support then we always recommend face to face bookings as this makes it easier for us to understand your needs.


Having trouble with your WiFi? Or maybe need a hand setting up a new phone or computer onto Netflix. We can come to you and help get your Tech issues sorted so book an appointment today.


We know that running a small business can be tricky and stressful when your Tech lets you down. We offer face to face support for small businesses so you can go back to looking after your customers while we sort the Tech issues.

Residential On-Site Support We help you get your tech issues sorted.Business On-Site Support Local support when you need it.Support via phone for the simple issuesTech Support via remote log in
$115/for first hour$145/for the first hour$46 /per 30 minutes
Rates after first hour$95 / per hour$130 / per hour$46 / per hour
Discount for customers on our Simple Business Plans 10% 10% 20%
Afterhours call out fee$20 / per hour$25 / per hour$25 / per hour
All rates above include GST unless stated.All rates above are GST exclusive.All rates above are GST exclusive.
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